Cialis (Tadalafil) – Dosage and Side Effects

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Cialis is the best medicine for improvement of sexual function

Cialis is the pills for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. They help to restore erectile function, to maintain the potency for a long time, to increase the quantity and the quality of coituses. The main active ingredient is Tadalafil (Cialis is a trade name). What is it? Tadalafil is the natural microelement which by the principle of work is the analogue of the active components of the popular medicines such as Viagra and Levitra. The medicine Cialis in intended for maintenance of the normal blood circulation in the penis. This let to restore the potency and to hold the penis erected for a time needed for coitus. The sexual stimulation is needed in order the medicine will begin “to work”.

The main advantages of the medicine are:

  • The possibility to strengthen the reproductive system and to obtain male force
  • Effective recovery and maintenance of the erection
  • Prolongation of coitus
  • Minimal period of time for restoration for the following coitus
  • Improvement of general psychic state (because the erectile dysfunction very often becomes the cause of many neuroses and complexes)

Pharmacological action in brief

Cialis (Tadalafil) is much safer than other similar drugs. If a man does not have problems with the health It does not cause pressure fluctuations, heart rate, it does not affect the recognition of colors, does not degrade the vision, pupils do not dilate intraocular pressure is not increased. The special research was realized with the purpose of the ascertaining of spermatogenesis changing at the daily use of tadalafil. It was established that neither the mobility, nor the quality of spermatozoa drug was affected while using this medicine. The concentration of testosterone, sex hormones, luteinizing and follicle hormones also remained at the same level.

So the medicine taken in prescribed standard dosage may be considered maximum effective and safe for the man’s health. It helps to improve the state of the reproductive system and to maintain the erectile function even in the case of severe disorder. Primary intake in the dosage of 5 mg improved the state of more than 50% of the patients, 70% of the patients said that the coitus was successful after the primary intake of the medicine. In addition the potency increased essentially during the day between the uses of the medicine.


Cialis (Tadalafil) has high absorbing properties. High degree of concentration in plasma is achieved approximately in two hours after administration of the drug. Cialis may be administrated regardless of the day time, with or without food because the degree of absorption does not depend on the day and night and the time of meals. Metabolism of drugs occurs by means of the enzyme CYP3A4. On average, its excretion occurs within 17.5 hours by the kidneys and intestine. About 60% of the administrated dose comes out with excrement, approximately 35% with urine. Even at renal dysfunction binding Cialis to plasma proteins is up to 95%.

The correction of the amount of the drug for the elderly and patients suffering from renal failure is not needed. Tadalafil is not recommended for people with stated severe renal dysfunction. The same applies to patients with mild and moderate forms of hepatic failure. A doctor should make a balanced assessment of the use of medication for those who have a diagnosed hepatic failure.

Dose and method of use of the medicine Cialis

Only an urologist or a physician takes the decision on administration of Cialis after appropriate consultation. This medicine is taken regularly or symptomatic, depending on the severity of sexual dysfunction. The dosage is prescribed not more than one tablet a day. It usually is taken at least 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, but even earlier taking is quite acceptable, because the effect persists during 36 hours.

Tadalafil does not contain impurities, only easily absorbed natural elements. In addition to the active ingredients, the tablet contains lactose, cellulose, magnesium, and sodium lauryl sulfate. For those whose sexual activity is considered high (2 or more times per week) it is recommended to take 5 mg each day, preferably at the same time. For those who have sexual intercourse 1-2 times a week, it is advisble to take the drug only once, directly before the sexual intercourse, the dose is 20 mg (maximum dose per day) at a time.


  • It is contraindicated to use Cialis with any organic nitrates
  • Illness of cardiovascular system in acute condition, including myocardial infarction in the last three months, stenocardia that aggravates during coitus, blood pressure below 90/50 mm Hg., uncontrolled hypertension, arrhythmia and the stroke in the last six months neuropathy of nerves opticus (and vision loose)
  • Additional use of medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Allergy to lactose containing medicines, lactase deficiency
  • Up to 18 years old
  • Sensitivity to tadalafil

To patients with liver and kidney dysfunction of chronic or heavy form is prescribed with caution. It may cause sharp pressure drop at the use with alpha adrenoceptor blocking drugs. The use of Cialis may cause the attack of the priapism if this disease was diagnosticated. Penis deformation also is the contradiction in some cases. You should consult your physician if you use Cialis simultaneously with the drugs for hypotension treatment, and also erythromycin, itraconazole, ritonavir.

Side Effects

Though Cialis (Tadalafil) is largely successful in treating the mentioned conditions and usually causes no side effects or complications, it is important to understand what possible side effects could occur. There are both common and rare side effects to taking Tadalafil, and depending on severity and frequency, it is a good idea to check with your doctor if you experience any of these. Most common symptoms will go away fairly quickly, and can be amended by adjusting the dosage you are taking. If they persist, speak to a doctor. Depending on your body, there may be minor side effects that will often occur but aren’t cause for worry.

The most common side effects of Tadalafil include:

  • headache
  • stomach pain
  • flushing
  • indigestion
  • acid reflux
  • back pain
  • muscle pain (especially in legs)
  • stuffy or runny nose.

These symptoms usually go away in 24-48 hours if they occur, and relate to how Tadalafil thins blood in the body. These slight discomforts can be very normal, and usually are easily amended by adjusting the dosage of Tadalafil you are taking. If they become especially severe, ask a doctor for advice.

Where Can I Buy Cialis (Tadalafil)

You can purchase Tadalafil either as a brand name in stores or as a generic drug online. You can now easily order Tadalafil online, and have it shipped right to your door. There are many benefits to ordering online. You can order tablets of various dosages, and take more or less, or even cut tablets, to suit the dosage you need. Ordering Tadalafil online is often much cheaper than purchasing in stores, and allows you to order in bulk, avoiding having to run to refill prescriptions. When you purchase Tadalafil from a doctor, you may be limited by the dosage you can acquire. When you order online, you can get tablets of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, Cialis 40mg, Cialis 60mg, and Black Cialis 80mg. This allows you to not only adjust the dosage to what you need but save even more money by purchasing higher dosages and cutting tablets for multiple uses. Many sites provides free Cialis samples delivered by mail.

In conclusion we should point that the medicine does not influence the spermatozoa and can be administrated before the conception. The absence of the side effects (in rare cases headache and intestinal digestion were reported) let to use Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for the wide range of patients.