Viagra (Sildenafil) – Dosage and Side Effects

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Medical action

The drug is intended for restoring male erectile function. To understand the mechanism of action, you need to imagine a simple scheme. Inside the penis there are cavernous bodies that are filled with blood during erection. This mechanism is based on complex enzymes and nitric oxide. But we will not tell you abstruse medical terms, just understand one thing: Viagra helps to relax the muscles of the cavernous bodies, and, respectively, to fill them with blood. It is impossible to do directly, but it is really due to the nitric oxide and the blocking of enzymes destruction. Please note that a normal erection is possible only if a man is sexually excited, or there is additional sexual stimulation of a penis.

There is no data about the negative effects of Viagra on men’s health. All the volunteers who took 100 mg of this drug did not note the state aggravation.

Main indications for Viagra administration

Erectile dysfunction (of organic, psychological or combined nature)

Recommended administration

It is recommended the oral administration of the drug 30-6- minutes before sexual intercourse. The recommended daily dose of Viagra is 50 mg at once. The dosage may be increased or decreased twice depending on the individual characteristics of a patient. The maximum dose of Viagra is 100 mg. The elder men should take the standard dose of 50 mg.

List of side effects

As a rule the drug is well tolerated. However, in some cases negative effects were registered:

  • sleep disturbance, effect of dizziness, hyper tone of various muscles
  • burning feeling in the body flash of blood, pain in different areas of head, the pressure drop due to the vasorelaxation
  • muscle weakness, joint pain
  • sickness, irregular bowel movement, loss of appetite
  • redness of the skin, rash
  • inflammation of eye bags, lacrimation, blurred vision in the daytime, abnormalities related to color vision
  • breathing deterioration, shortness of breath, sore throat, rhinitis of various etiologies
  • pain in the prostate gland that occurs after taking the drug for urinary tract infections treatment

In very rare cases the patients complained of weakness and state similar to respiratory infections. Also the complaints to painfulness in loins, gripes.

List of contraindications

The drug should not be taken in the following cases:

individual intolerance of the active ingredient or other components of Viagra
pathological deformation of the penis (inborn or acquired)
increased probability of bleeding (use of hemoclastic drugs, different forms of haemophilia)
stomach and duodenum ulcer (acute stage)
liver failure, renal insufficiency
blood diseases (tumors, anemia and so on)
increased arterial pressure (both stated forms of arterial hypertension and uncertain states)
disorders of heartbeat prior to heart attack or stroke

Please note

If myocardial infarction or stroke was registered during 180 prior to prescription of Viagra the patient should refuse to use the preparation. It is contraindicated the combine Viagra and preparations with nitro compounds. The patients, who are contraindicated sexual intercourses, should abstain from Viagra intake (for example the post operational states).


This drug is not developed only for men. Viagra is not prescribed to women. There are no data about the influence on pregnancy or fetus. The experiments were held on pregnant rabbits and rats. The volunteers also administrated Viagra: after the preparation administration any deviations in the quality and mobility of sperm were not registered.

Coadministration with other medicines.

Coadministartion of Viagra and antibiotics impair the filtration ability of the kidneys. Sodium nitroprusside is not used together with Viagra because this combination enhances the effect of blood thinning. It is contraindicated to combine this drug with medicines containing nitrates. This combination leads to a sharp drop in blood pressure. It is dangerous to co-administrate Viagra and anti-arrhythmic drugs and preparations drugs that reduce the level of glucose in blood.


The increase of therapeutic dose leads to increase in quantity and quality of side effects. The assistance in such case is symptomatic. There is no sense to use dialysis for blood clearance because Viagra forms strong connections with blood plasma proteins.


The preparation Viagra is presented in the form of tablets which should be administrated orally. The tablets are put into blister that in its turn in paper package.


The drug is stored in a dry cool place at the room temperature. Keep out or reach of children. Shelf life is 24 months, production date is indicated at the package.


Active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. Additional components are fillers, titanium dioxide, lactose.

Special marks

Prescription drug

Where Can I Buy Viagra (sildenafil)

You can purchase sildenafil either as a brand name in stores or as a generic drug online. You can now easily order sildenafil online, and have it shipped right to your door. There are many benefits to ordering online. You can order tablets of various dosages, and take more or less, or even cut tablets, to suit the dosage you need. Ordering sildenafil online is often much cheaper than purchasing in stores, and allows you to order in bulk, avoiding having to run to refill prescriptions. When you purchase sildenafil from a doctor, you may be limited by the dosage you can acquire.
Many sites provides free Viagra (sildenafil) samples delivered by mail.


This description is not the guidance for self-treatment and presents the brief description of the preparation Viagra. Only the experienced doctor can prescribe you the administration of the preparation. It is prohibited to administrate Viagra without careful reading of patient information.